22 February 2009

Swap loot, stash and WIP

On Friday, I left work early to pick up a mailer for my package for this sweet swap. I got home and, viola!, my package had already arrived. Awesome Dena from Tales at Wayne Manor had already sent my package. A parade of fat quarters and some sweeeeet lip balm and a little journal notebook...excellent!

So many thanks to you Dena! And I dropped your package off at the post office Saturday morning. It should be there soon. I want to post pictures of the fabric I picked but I want it to be a surprise so I will contain myself. Which I suck at. As a kid (and even now) my sister and I could never keep gifts secret. We would be so excited to see how the receiver would react that we couldn't wait (still can't) to give gifts. It makes for a lot of early Christmas and birthday gifts!

Now, for my stash. I have been building and building lately. Lots of yard and half yard cuts have been purchased in the past month. And now they are all kind of organized and safely put away, here:

And broken down, into types, cuts and whatever:

yard cuts.

half yard cuts. I especially love these. They are some of my favorite fabrics- Sugar Snap by Melissa Averinos and lots of Amy Butler...I drool just thinking about Melissa's fabric, especially the Kimono, which may be my favorite of all time. (I wanted to put a link to Free Spirit Fabric's site, but its apparently down right now...or I am just FORBIDDEN from going to it anymore...)

I know that I should store fabric in more protected boxes but I love these Orla Kiely crates from Target. And I really like to pull out a box from the shelf and see what's in it. Once again, my sense of what is pretty wins over practical and safe. Eh, what are you gonna do? Plus the Orla Kiely crates fit perfectly into my little, cheap storage cube...

And, finally, my WIP...Its for my bestest friend, Liz. She doesn't read my blog (she doesn't really use the internet much at all...) so its safe to put pictures here. I am so excited about this quilt. It is made up of wonky log cabin blocks (tutorial here) . I used fabric that Liz gave me while I was visiting her this summer and I love this quilt top. Its a little on the small side but she can use it as a lap quilt. I still have one border to sew on and then its just cutting the batting and piecing the backing...then off to the quilter. I still haven't gotten up the courage to quilt these things myself...


I think this is one of the best pieces I've made, up to this point. Its definitely got some problems because I still can't always meet up seams like one should. But I figure that gives it its handmade quality.

Thanks for letting me share. Go out and have a lazy Sunday!

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2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Re: freespirits website
All the fabric companies are getting ready for Market. All the stores are looking at whats coming. So it can be spotty! Too much traffic.
I think Market starts the 17th so since they all will be there traffic will be way lighter!
discovered you from bitchy stitcher.